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LAN Groups

Not So much current news. There is two very nice LAN groups down in S. Fl that stray around. They have LAN parties off and on. The sites are.

Check 'em out.

LAN Party

Looking on a good size LAN going on this Thanksgiving. If anyone still visits, stay tuned for updated info on the parties in the area. I'm mainly updating this for reminders for myself and co-workers.

Marflan Site 6p setup, 8p breakdown
11-17-06 - 11-19-06
12-15-06 - 12-18-06

By the way, if theres someone who actually wants to maintain this frontpage let me know. We can get activity back here, but I don't have the time nor the intrest to do it by myself.

Server E-Mail

We have noticed since the site moving certain domains are blocking email. This will be taken care of soon. On another note, site will have updates soon, volvo is afk in the good ol swamplands. ETA on another LAN is up in the air.


I am looking for someone to help submit news info and try and bring the site back to life. LANs may be on standby at the moment, but the site isnt dead.

Read more: Recruiting

New Server!

We now have a new server!