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Hurricanes Katrina and Rita

well folks crackie and i are braving the great state of louisiana. we are both working as FEMA I.T. and wow the money is good but the hours are grueling. we have taken some great (horrific) pictures and are working on resizing them and catagorizing them by city, so that we an post them for your viewing pleasure (displeasure). we have no idea how long we are going to be here they have projected this to be a 5 year project, sooooo we will see how long we can hold up. we are a 2 man D.R.C. set team (Disaster Recovery Center) we set up 15 - 50 man lan centers so that FEMA can support these communities. we spend alot of time on the road so we see alot of sad and cool stuff. thats all for now folks its late and we have a long day ahead of us. will post more news later. love peace and hair grease DAWG

Battlefield 2 Released

Battlefield 2 Has been released. Its a great FPS and It has already gone gold before the demo was released CAL has anounced that they will be having a BF2 Divsion. Everyone should try this game out its great and its fun.

Raddison November LAN Party!

LanGuild monthly lan
nov- 12-14
6pm fri -12 pm sun
seating for 80+ people

compass room @ the raddison riverwalk hotel. room comes with comfy over stuffed chairs. overhead projector for any tourneys. they offer an $8.00 all you can eat breakfast.
Room Side 1 | Room Side 2 | Projector
For more information you can call Joe (Volvo) @ 982-1203

game til it MHZ

There were scheduling issues at the Raddison.
Current Scheduled Date: Jan 14th - 16th

Yankee and crew came through for us in a HUGE way.

wanna register click on this link: Registration

Our buddy Xeno apparently is new to the "Lan Scene" and has bowed out of this lan because it changed locations, anyone that has registered as one of his friends is still more than welcome to come.
Lan parties are about people not locations or money.

Wanna know who is gonne be there check this out.

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